This, That, and Something Else...... 

Under attack? Or do they think they see a good place to land?

A History lesson


 Many years ago at the Dawn Of Time before anyone else was born Rawley was in a rockband in Stockholm.


Always the opening act and never the main attraction the band played at Gyllene Tiders first gig in the big city.


They opened for The Skids at Rock Palais (a printing error on the posters put Rawleys band as the headliner so The Skids chucked all Rawley's stuff down the stairs...).


They played a couple of gigs with Rawleys own teenage idols The Troggs (The sight of Reg Presley in the shared dressing-room trying to force his beer-gut into a pair of tight black leather trousers will never be forgotten).


Contrary to the info on Wikipedia, the band was actually higher up on the playlist than Hanoi Rocks when that bunch played their first gig in Stockholm. (After the concert two girls were commenting on the fantastically sexy singer they had seen and heard and one pointed at a poster with RT and said 'You mean him?' and the other girl said 'Oh no no no!')


A manager emerged from the Stockholm rock scene and paid for the band to make a record - 100% vinyl what else? Most of the copies still remain in their original boxes waiting to become antiques!


Then it all stopped. RT went into hibernation and time stood still.


Time stood still for a very long time indeed......


In the Winter of 2008 the clock started moving forward again ........


.......By 2010 there were 20 songs out on the web, 12 videos on YouTube and other sites and 2 live radio performances to write up on R.T.'s cv.


The album of demos 'Pop Til U Drop' was released March 2010 but it's now in the process of being withdrawn from the digital world! 


RT got into the final of 'Svensktoppen Nästa' on Radio Gotland and sang his heart out in June 2010 - but the judges didn't like him......'The Country Boy In Me' got the thumbs down!


The song got revamped and is now up on YouTube accompanied by a very rural video with pigs galore!


Demo versions of some songs are out and about on various sites on the Internet. There's also a stereo version of the tongue-in-cheek interpretation of 'Old Fashioned Morphine' doing the rounds!


'Seek and Ye shall find...' In other words if you look in the right places you can still get some stuff for free! 


UK Country Radio started pushing the single 'Gasoline' in December 2010.


Then in January 2011 'Gasoline' made number 1 on the UK Country Radio listeners chart. Local press on Gotland printed the news and RT even became the answer to one of the questions on the weekly Gotland quiz!


New album 'The Golden Ring and Other Stories' came out on April 4th 2011 and 'Gasoline' bounced back to the UKRadio number 1 spot again for March.


Following that there were RT songs on the UKCR chart for a whole year - 'The Golden Ring','The Wild Side Of Life', Chevvy In Your Driveway' and 'Sweet Companion'. Some of these can be heard here on the website.


The new album 'A Touch Of Colour' was released October 2012. 'The Country Rap' - a single from the next album - was released in February 2013. 


During 2013 and 2014 'The Country Rap' was promoted on CMG International Radio and also on Many positive comments on Twitter and the song has been high up on the CMG Top 200 and even in their Country chart for Japan.


A remastered version of 'Gasoline' is now doing the rounds as from October.


November 2014 saw the release of the album 'The Country Variations'. Two years since the last album and just hoping it was worth waiting for!


It took a whole four years until the next album was finished. A couple of videos of covered songs arrived on YouTube earlier in 2018 and then "Maturity" came along in September 2018 accompanied by a new hat and braces!


Several videos have been released during the last two years (2019 - 20). A Rawley Taylor version of "Jolene" and a series of videos in collaboration with a producer halfway round the world.


Worth  checking out are the videos for "Fanmail" "Blood Runs Cold" "All This Rain" and most recently "Dance Until We Die"



 The clock is still moving forwards......